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It's crazy how complicated the “modern web” has become...

Is realizing this complexity and getting hang of it and then choosing the best ones out of the wilderness depending on product case is what developers especially in open source-based companies paid mainly for?

Knowledge and getting through javascript fatigue and then applying it with programming makes the job enough tougher to get started off with or to learn and is overwhelming for someone just starting out.

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5 entries 1h 40m

  • Made a bootstrap landing page for OASM 3rd semester university's DBW project
  • Moved domain's nameserver to cloudflare
  • Some messing around with webpack config file on skillsharing server project from EJS


#Aug19 #daysofcode

15 entries 6h 1m 21s

  • Finished “Webpack 4 Fundamentals” by @TheLarkInn on @FrontendMasters
    • Need to review workshop files when bundlign and building stuff with webpack at a later stage.


#Aug19 #daysofcode

12 entries 4h 29m 1s

  • Somehow covered Functional Programming and Object creation series from FunFunFunction, also discovered videos ain't for me to get used to much.

    • Got an overview of Functors and Monads and get introduced to BaconJS library as a streaming library
    • Got introduced to promise-based Bluebird library from MPJ's videos and
    • Learnt more about Streams with highland JS library and got to know about alternatives like baconjs and reactivex for the same usage.
  • Finished Must Know Features series by MPJ and learnt stuff about

    • Iterators, Optional Chaining, Generators and Destructuring.
  • Learnt some basic functionalities of the inline evaluation tool Quokka JS in VSCode

  • Learnt about Fetch API.

  • Came to know about Rambda as a functional programming based library and basic usage from MPJ's videos.


#Aug19 #daysofcode

Javascript: 6 entries 2h 30m

  • Learnt using currying functions using lodash library
  • Watched videos from MPJ's FunFunFunction channel on advanced usage of Reduce and some other higher-order functions.
  • Got really enlightened with hoisting and scoping concepts in JS

Computer Science: 7 entries 2h 55m

  • Got a detailed overview and understanding on the concept of asymptotic notation, time complexity and calculating it for various cases except the recursive ones which require recurrence.
  • Covered concepts, algorithms and various methods abstract data type structures for:
    • Search Algorithms: Linear, Binary
    • Sorting algorithms: Bubble, Insertion, Selection, Quick, Merge
    • Data structures: Linked List, Circular Linked List, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees

Time complexity analysis for the above stuff is yet to be done along with properly studying the code implementation.


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16 entries 6h 19m 18s

  • Revised call/apply/bind, getters setters, Maps
  • Leant about JS-based prototypical principles:
    • Delegation / Differential Inheritance, Concatenative inheritance/mixins/cloning, Functional Inheritance, Composition Over Class Inheritance
    • Learnt and differentiated between usage of Factory vs Constructors vs Classes
    • Learnt about composing over the inheritance from FunFunFunction
    • Grasped concepts of S.O.L.I.D Object role stereotype
    • Came to know about PubSub design pattern and used it for coupling with PubSubJS module


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7 entries 2h 53m 3s

  • Done with some Javascript Modules from ODIN: Object constructors, Factory functions, Module Patttern, IIFEs, npm's package json working, scoping and ES6 modules.


#Aug19 #daysofcode

7 entries 2h 48m 39s

  • Revisited Skillserver sharing codes from EJS and integrated webpack as one of its project dependencies with npm's package.json locally.


#Aug19 #daysofcode

“Practice the art of interpreting situations constructively.”

#Aug19 #quotes

Well, so it happens I'm mostly done with Eloquent JS and JS info except for the exercises. I've Databases portion left from the ODIN project as backlog which can be comfortably covered in labs. So that makes me to finish up the remaining prerequisite JavaScript course from ODIN and then continue with the list on Notion for NodeJS and Express. Aim to complete the backlogs by 24. Have data structures and algo test on Monday so will be having a break till 26 and then sprint meself to complete most of ODIN course theory content by 5 of next month. Also, ODIN along with its project should be completed with references before October's commencement. The date can be extended to end of October if the projects are linked to courses from Frontend masters.

~Day 26

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